My First Graphghan – Olaf the Snowman

Who doesn’t love Olaf the Snowman form Frozen. Both my daughter and I do too! That’s why I chose to the graph of Olaf as my first graphghan. It was a learning experience. The most important of all the lessons is to use bobbins and to count your stitches. Bobbins are your friends! And its easy to drop stitches during color changes.

I used cardboard boxes cut in the shape of and ‘I’ as my bobbins since I was not ready to invest in bobbins yet. In my experience, cardboard boxes work fine for small amount of yarn. I would suggest anyone attempting a graphghan to wind bobbins for the colors of the details in the graph. In my experience, It is better to use full skeins of yarn for the background color – other than spot where you need less yarn. Since then, I have found people using jumbo clothespins as bobbins and clipping it to your blanket so that there is less tangling.

Another thing is the tangling of the yarn. I used single crochet (SC) for my project and when I turned the yarn got all tangled. I tried to eliminate tangling by turning my work once clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Seemed to help quite a but – but there still was some tangling. I have seen people use bobbin holders and I am sure they make life so mush easier! But I would tell you I absolutely hate turning my work! That is why I am going to try Tunisian crochet with my next graph. So, here are the pics of the finished Olaf graph. It not my graph – though I have a similar graph. I ended up with a size 29 in by 29 in approximately – a good size for a baby blanket. Its full of mistakes but I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I am going to make it into a floor cushion. While I do that enjoy the pics and Happy Hooking!



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